Have you ever heard about the Nobel Prize mania ? I had been a victim of it for the greater part of my life. The patient/victim at first collects and reads all the books of all the Nobel Laureates. To this passion he loses his childhood, youth and the greater part of his adult life. Unknown to him all this while he begins to harbor a strong notion that what really matters in life is the Nobel Prize and he has no other calling except getting one himself. Life will be meaningful only if he gets one.

To cut a long story short I had this desire since childhood. My obsession was for the prize for Literature. I spent my life reading. Each time I thought of writing some thing I would defer the idea by saying let me finish the next Laureate and then surely. And that promise was never kept.

After a lot of guilt and soul searching I concluded that probably I was born to be a reader not a writer. When I look around I find people are doing fine without having to write great literature or winning a Nobel. They suffer no sense of lack on that count. It was clinching evidence that all the while I was under the thrall of a mental concept only. That is freedom.

Freedom is what you are born with. You lose it on the way believing some belief or concept and suffer consequently. The suffering forces you to reexamine and put those unexamined beliefs and concepts under microscope. You regain your freedom and joy.

Now I am free of Nobel Prize mania. I no longer crave for one. I no more rush towards book shop for buying the latest Laureate’s. Strangely I have lost the taste also. I find I like the non laureates like Eckhert Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Byron Katie, Mooji, Papaji, Raman Maharshi, Nisargadatt Maharaj etc. more relevant. They also are great freers of my mind. I no more like to fantasize or romantisize the life of a laureate. I have begun to like being on my own shoes.