Our life in buds held together in a branch

I am Paresh chandra Mangaraj from Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India. From childhood I have been fascinated with this business of living and loving. Life in all its facets, in all its dualities, its ecstasies and sufferings, its days and nights, its males and females, its summers and winters, its whites and blacks, its yins and yangs never fails to engage me, mystify me and overwhelm me. I like the raptures of its ecstasies and also its drafts of cold, needle stabbing winds of pains, its lovefilled warm and sunny days and its sleepless, fearful, guilt ridden and cold nights. I have loved its beautiful men and women, its wonderful animals, birds, reptiles and insects. How beautiful this world is and what perfection in its design and execution! Mind, the mighty instrument for negotiating the varied phenomena of this world fails to understand and often is at loss in coming to grasp at this mighty intriguing, spectacle of splendour. Sometimes I too despair of finding any meaning out of this drama of life. But after sometimes scenes shift, perspectives change and meaning emerges as if from a cloud and surprises me with its obviousness. It was always there,lo, how have I overlooked it ?
Again next day comes and my struggle to grapple with life resumes. It seems I am not intelligent like others. I am not gifted with any special talents. Compared to the complex task at hand I am awfully limited in my qualifications and specializations. So what to do ? Should I despair and commit suicide and leave the scene in a huff ? But would that be of any use to anybody or even for myself ? I hope not. Instead I have devised a formula for myself. I have discovered that like me everybody needs something or the other. Nobody is satisfied with himself. To everyone his own standing in life is shaky, fraught with dangers and uncertainties. So everyone is in need of something or the other to bolster himself, to fortify himself. Like me everyone wants to love and be loved. So I have learnt to give those things to others that I need for myself. I want love so I love everyone, I want to be respected so I respect everyone, I want money so I give money to the needy, I want to be honoured so I honour everyone.
The law of life is love. Love transforms and redeems all our actions into meaningful, significant modes of living. I love and hope it compensates all my inadequacies, lack of qualifications and skills to come to a better grappling with issues of life. In my complete reliance on love and surrender to its motherly fold lie my only hope of redemption and peace. I also know that whatever is not love is fear. I must not shed much territory in my life to fear, for fear makes me paralysed, insensitive to the needs of others. And who are these others ?There are no others, there are only seeming others. All are myself in different forms and appearances. Love holds all and sustains all. When I am allied with these seeming others, connected to them through heart, through deep cord of love, then all my fears, insecurities and concerns about personal safety and surety vanish like mists into thin airs on the rising of the Sun. So all my investments are in Love and let this be my Reserve Bank of India, solid and steady as a rock. And God who is Love and Truth, let me pay You homage in my humble way. Your Way is the Only Way. Everything is as it should be even at the moment when my head is in the tiger’s mouth because that tiger is there for a purpose. If I don’t understand right then and there why it is there where my head should be, I will take another birth to understand You and Your actions, for You cannot be wrong. My fascination with life will continue because it is not my life, it is cent percent Yours. In You I have cast my vote.