Serene Reflection

sketches in stillness

They say misery loves company.  Which is probably true.  Whenever you want to share your sadness, the frustration at your job, the differences with your partner, or the lack of one, or crib about the state of the world, it is not difficult to find company.  The pain, the drama – it all triggers the resonant feelings and parallel memories that we share.  Empathy and agreement can be supportive, or it can be self defeating. Unless carefully steered to a meaningful conclusion, there are chances of these interactions reducing to habitual pity parties.

And what about celebrations? How easy is it to find company that shares equally in your joys and milestones?  Not the superficial, congratulatory kind, but the genuine ones – whose hearts burst with as much happiness as yours, who can be moved to inexplicable tears by your contentment?  Under the masks and games that we play, we…

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