Sex is a wonderful gift God gave to each man(and to each woman, I hope so). His only instruction was to keep it in the head, in the mind only; to keep its potency, its mystery and miraculous power everlasting. His only warning was, if you bring it down to a lower plain, below the belt as they say it, into its active Avatar, it couldn’t last beyond ten minutes. There it could relax you but you also run the risk of being addicted to it. So the warning on the wrapper clearly states “use judiciously, even better,use it only if you must or if you feel the urge uncontrollably. Injudicious or immoderate usage may make you experimenting, crave for more and more, and may produce in you the itch to experiment it with new partners at regular intervals which in turn may make you lose the one partner you may have already got. She may start to be experimenting and exploring with new partners herself, being infected by the bug,may be from you. So, much heart burn may ensue. If all partners abandon you after discovering your truth, you may experience withdrawal symptoms of the most severe type, bordering on suicidal or homicidal inclinations, either way you may end as a cropper. So though a blessing, a gift, nonetheless, constant vigilance and awareness is warranted “.

After reading all this on the wrapper, which most didn’t read before use, I decided to let it stay on the mental level, in my head only. Because I knew maintaining balance on such a heady matter was not my forte and I tended to go to the extreme in all matters that interested me or sounded interesting to me. But from there too, it began to affect me in so many ways. Yes, I will confess it all before you, friends (again I hope you all are). First the negative effects or side effects. One, it has made me a voyeur. Two, it has made me keep count of who sees whom,who loves whom,who is who’s lover/beloved etc.Three, I can never utter ten sentences without bringing sex into it. Four, I judge all saints by the amount of revelations they had brought into open about their sexual lives.So Gandhiji is one of my favorites while Shankara is not,for instance. While Osho is one of my most favorites while his more illustrious contemporaries Muktananda, Sivananda and Sathya Sai Baba are not. Among my Facebook friends, I consider Julia Day and Carmen Penteck as modern day saints while Karen Richards is not, inspite of her so many brilliant qualities and considerable charm. I may be accused of being judgemental here, but, I am sure Karen won’t mind. She would just say “that too is seen,” in her usual Adwaitin lingo and let it go at that. She won’t even remember it ever. Moreover, I may be paying Karen an underhand compliment here because only a saint can let go someone scotfree after her sainthood had been trifled with. Otherwise, woe be on that man who messes with someone’s sainthood.Try, any one of you, to meddle with my sainthood and see how I curse and swear at you ! Lol !

Now the positive side effects. In fact,not side effects but just one only. Everything has become sexy to me. Men,women, beasts, birds, reptiles, insects, rivers, ocean, trees and stones, just everything in the universe has become sexy, attractive, beautiful and lovable in my eyes. As if the entire universe is my beloved and everything present before my eyes is God in one of His myriad veiled forms. He also has pitched His tent in me as Love. I know Love from within. How else to know It ?