Bhawani, it is not that you out of all my friends felt my silence, my absence. Some others too may have felt like you, just as I too felt your silence, your absence so deeply during this time. But the nature of our existence, our words and efforts in communication is such that existence soon peters out into nonexistence, words into silence and efforts of communications into dialogues in an absurd drama. Howsoever hard I try to convince you that I love you beyond myself, beyond the limitations of my little self, It never gets communicated. So I am back to square one, back to building the structure which has again failed to communicate my true feelings and lay around me in shambles. I again stoop to pick up the bricks and materials strewn around me to erect the proper edifice that would truly reflect and communicate my love and concern for you, but again I fail. Sometimes I despair and give up. But please don’t take that silence as indifference because that may be the time I am introspecting to come out with a better device, a better way of communicating my love to you. Just know that I love you dearly as myself.How can I exist without loving you ? I can never think of that.